What I’m doing now

Last updated January 2024
  • Living in Leicestershire with my beautiful girlfriend.
  • Working remotely as a front-end developer.
  • Attending open mics around Leicester, Hinckley and Loughborough.
  • Enjoying coding websites and blogging on this website.

What I’m planning on doing

  • Writing and recording music. It’s been slow progress given my recent house move so I haven’t been able to focus on creating music. I aim to finish recording my second album ‘Connections’ under the Polar Bites project.
  • Reading more books. I read 6 books in 2023. I’ve just finished The Chimp Paradox by Professor Steve Peters but have yet to pick my next read. I’m a slow reader.
  • Playing video games. I’ve been playing Sonic Superstars and Sonic Frontiers on PC and SteamDeck. I started the Mass Effect remastered trilogy and have yet to get far.

This page is inspired by The Now Movement pioneered by Derek Sivers, brought to my attention from reading the websites of Matt Brunt and Jamie Tanna.

Jack Gutteridge