New Website Launch

Hi there!

What you're looking at is a good old WordPress site with a theme by me. I'll probably go into some technical details some day, but you can have a look at the source code on GitHub right now. It's a bit sparse on detail, but there's loads of gritty developer stuff there if you're into that.

What are these archival writings? They're pieced together from my old blogs. If you've read my previous post about my return to writing, you may wonder why it's so sparse in the period after. That's because I kept a linked list going for a while, but I've disregarded it since. It doesn't really fit here. I've expanded some into full posts and filled the archive, and that's what's online now. I'll probably fill in the blanks with some more material as I go on, but for now, this is enough for me to comfortably launch with.

And then I stopped for a few years to do a degree. I didn't really have the focus to continue the linked list or writing, so I just took the thing down. Here's an attempt to resurrect that all.

Why do I write? A good developer should chronicle their interests and hobbies. I like tech and geeky stuff, so I'll write about that. Some times I go on about music. Depends on the mood really. And to help others. If I can posts tutorials or methods about how I did some amazing thing, and someone searches it, and finds me, and it helps them, I've done a good deed. That's what the net's about.

Who am I? I'm Jack Gutteridge, currently a Software Engineering student at De Montfort University. That'll end in less than a week, and then I'll be Jack Gutteridge, unemployed. I'm a qualified musician and attempted witterrer.

And that's it really. Thanks for reading, and if you'd like to get in touch, details are on the front page.

Apologies if I've rambled on or misplet something. The spell checker isn't working on Chrome in WordPress. I'll probably moan about that here soon.

Have a nice day.