Responsive Design at The Guardian

Matt Andrews, a client side web developer at the Guardian, talks through a very informed process for the paper's new responsive web design:

We're using Play, a Scala framework, to power the site. The flexibility and power of Scala over its internal predecessor, Java, has opened up our development and allowed us to code quickly and responsibly. Similarly, our fantastic Content API has meant that we've never had to write a database query – all of our code communicates with the API to receive its data.

On the client-side, the app is heavily structured around the AMD JavaScript pattern, with use of RequireJS to load distinct modules which are then combined together at build time. CSS is organised according to Jonathan Snook's SMACSS standards and we're also making use of Pasteup, the Guardian's in-house styleguide and baseline CSS library, to manage some of our styling.

This is a great read. Responsive web design is a huge thing, and I can't wait for it to be adopted by everyone. The insight into how The Guardian makes theirs work is incredible.