Apple Shake Up Design Shift

With the departure of Scott Forstall and promotion of Johnny Ive, Nick Wingfield writes for The New York Times:

There, behind a list of text messages, missed phone calls and other updates, is a gray background with the unmistakable texture of fine linen.

Steven P. Jobs, the Apple chief executive who died a year ago, pushed the company’s software designers to use the linen texture liberally in the software for the company’s mobile devices. He did the same with many other virtual doodads that mimic the appearance and behavior of real-world things, like wooden shelves for organizing newspapers and the page-flipping motion of a book, according to people who worked with him but declined to be named to avoid Apple’s ire.

This is great news. Apple is undoubtedly the king of design, but their software is tainted with childish artwork inspired from items in the real world. That linen texture induces nausea.

Hopefully Ive can apply to Apple's software the cues he's applied to it's hardware: minimalism, simplicity, meaning, etc. Oh, and good taste.