Nexus 4 Released

The Nexus 4 is official. It's exactly as leaked. Ron Amadeo writes:

This is also the first phone to combine a real passion for design and materials with high-end components. This is a premium, high quality device in every category. In my opinion, Android's biggest weakness right now is that all the phones just feel so cheap. I really hope other manufacturers take note of the premium feel of the Nexus 4 and step up.

I would argue here. I love the design and the materials used for the Galaxy Nexus. Plastic is perfect. It doesn't shatter when you drop it, it doesn't scuff obviously when it's scratched. I've treated mine like a toddler's toy but it's still doing fine.

Materials aside this looks likes every problem with the Galaxy Nexus has been solved. The screen is great although not the best, the camera is great although not the best. You get the idea.

The biggest problem is that this phone isn't beating the quality of it's rivals, but that's not a bad thing, it just means the competition out there is hot. The other winner is the price. It's cheap. The software's good. Something other manufacturers can't work out. Android 4.2 looks good.

If you're in the US or in the UK two years from now, the radios are going to be an issue. This device has omitted 4G/LTE, something Google has been faffing about. The result of this I'm sure is the great price.

For me, the deal breaker is the glass. Josh Topolsky has already managed to damage his. This is probably the reason I'll still with the horribly saturated screen of the Galaxy Nexus and wait.