iPad Mini vs Nexus 7

I was in awe to see Phil Schiller share the Nexus 7, or the "top Android tablet" as he called it in vien, on stage at Apple's iPad Mini event for the best of ten minutes.

Schiller made some valid points about screen estate and app ecosystems, where the Nexus currently falls short. The devices differ in form factor, and for me nothing could beat the size of the 7. We'll see if Apple's work but for a start, the aspect ratio doesn't match that of most video content. It was interesting to see the iPhone 5 finally concede on this point.

The issue of app ecosystem was a interesting one, where Apple certainly excels today. But apps on iOS don't scale, so Apple's approach has limited them to one aspect ratio. Android apps are designed to scale to the device, although currently most scale without grace as was Schiller's point. This is an interesting point that I will certainly return to.

My selected link is by Scott Webster for Cnet, where Webster points out that it's a pretty desperate comparison:

For all the things that were said today, it's perhaps the one thing they didn't mention that stands out. Nowhere in all of this Nexus 7 trashing did Apple's people indicate that they were comparing its new $329 device to a 4-month-old tablet with a price of $199. And for those who say four months doesn't really matter, I remind you that Apple replaced its current iPad in only six months' time. Is it really fair to compare your hot new product with something when yours is noticeably more expensive? Of course there are going to be differences.

Nowhere did Schiller mention price or DPI, two factors where Google device shames Apple. It's fun to watch Apple catch up with a market and not blow said market out of competition.