What Apple Should Announce

Today hails the launch of the next iPhone. Possibly another iMac or a iPad. I'm bored already.

What Apple should announce is a streaming service for their music library. Instead of loosing a dollar to be locked into iTunes forever each time you like a song, you should be able to listen to that big fat healthy iTunes library for a reasonable monthly fee, a la Spotify and Rdio. Users would win because music would be easier to listen to. Apple would win because we'd eat up the service. Even I'd consider an iDevice with that incentive.

Apple revolutionised music. It's given them clout behind that stupid vowel. ITunes is synonymous, almost eponymous with digital music. It was Apple's first big hit. Why wouldn't Apple do this?

If Apple opened this service up to other platforms, I'd definitely buy. ITunes is available on Windows only because Apple have to, because Average Joe's don't own Macs, they're too expensive and unfamiliar. If other platforms had access to the iTunes library, Apple would make more money. Apple are using lock-in tactics to promote their hardware, and it's working. This isn't best for the user. What if I used iTunes? Would I be forced to drop Android?

It's a good job I'd rather die. Heck, I've removed iTunes from my Mac. Steve Jobs haunts me out of utter disdain.

But give me a streaming option to that and how could I resist? Heck, I might even make an iPurchase.

Give me acces and I wouldn't resist. I'd have iTunes on my phone and I'd be proud.

I'd be happy. It's almost incomprehensible.

That's why Apple should do it. They'd explode.

The current situation is an elaborate joke. For iTunes Match, you pay a fee to listen to music you've already bought. You can only stream music you own. Why would I pay to listen to a collection when I can pay to listen to a library?

Spotify and Rdio should worry.

The more I think about it the more it makes sense.

Come on Apple, you can do it.