Setting Output Extension for Jade in CodeKit

A little problem here that has me stuck. I’m using CodeKit for Mac OS X to preprocess HTML, but I want to output the files as PHP. CodeKit lets you do this for SCSS files, letting you set “Output filename & extension” in the “Set output path” command, but no such dialogue exists for Jade files.

It appears to have been requested in GitHub. It appears to have been moaned about on StackOverflow.

If anyone can fix this they’ll make me much happier.

Update: In CodeKit 1.2.3, renaming the targeted output file after it has been compiled changes the output filename and type in the GUI, but it still compiles automatically to HTML, which sucks.

Response: The creator of CodeKit, Bryan Jones, has acknowledged my moan, and conversed about it over Tweets with a response from the creator of Jade, TJ Holowaychuk. Turns out moaning does work.