Apple's Sony Inspired iPhone Concept

I don’t like commenting on the legal disputes because they make me feel sick and shouldn’t be humoured. Like most legal issues, I’m sure these will have little impact other than making lawyers fat and marketers grimace.

However, I was inspired when I saw evidence released by Apple, showing a Sony inspired iPhone concept.

There’s no two ways about this. They’re beautiful beyond words.

Apple famously took a shine to Sony with design. The iPod is a tribute to the Walkman before it. To see how Apple’s designers iterated with these Sony concepts explains why Apple is untouchable today. Apple have captured everything that’s good in design. I’m not sure if these are works of art or genius.

It’s such a shame that these have only been brought to light under such pitiful circumstances. While Apple is undoubtedly great, I’ve never been turned off by behaviour to such effect before. I claim to be agnostic to philosophy, politics, and practices by big businesses when it comes to an end product, but since as long as I can remember I find vulgar the legacy of this company. I hope they get stung,