Android is "Blinded by Idealism"

Mr Gruber here, throwing some harsh words in agreement towards a snapshot of a few of Android’s negatives. The article is about the state of Android’s fragmentation, again. The article he linked, “I’m sick to death of Android” on ZDNet, is the written anger that writer Jason Perlow has built up over his experiences with two Android devices.

I’m simply sick to death of putting up with all of these issues that seem to have no end in sight.

What he doesn’t explain however, is what these “issues” really are. Being annoyed that you don’t have the latest number version of an OS is one thing, but why? What is it that Jason misses so much from his Android phones that makes them so intolerable to use compared to a phone with the latest build of Android on it? He mentions a bugfix release hasn’t landed on his phone. He doesn’t mention these bugs, or if they’ve crippled his experience.

I’d put a lot of cold hard cash down that he wouldn’t know what version of Android he’d be running if he wasn’t told. Would that make him happy? Can we just up the number on his about screen? Would he be impressed by then? Would anyone in the consumer world care?

Can you imagine being so dumb — or blinded by idealism — as to take until now to see how fundamentally broken Android is in these regards?

What regards?