The Joy of the iPad

Om Malik for GigaOM writes:

It didn’t matter how it was happening — just that she could talk to her grandson who was oceans apart from her. If there ever was a moment that captured the emotion in a piece technology, that was it. The look on her face made me realize how lucky I am to write about an industry that makes such things possible.

I’ve had a similar experience to this. My Granddad doesn’t understand the use for computers or the internet. He has never shown interest in them. But when he saw me chatting to a mate through my MacBook Air, he was simply dazzled. He even called in my Grandmother to check it out.

There’s nothing spectacular about the iPad. It is the first lightweight tablet computer. And similar goes for my MacBook Air. It’s a low spec, lightweight laptop. But they’re incredibly well designed and really simple. The thought that goes into them (at least the hardware) is spectacular.

Apple has pioneered simple and effective design. Because they work so well, they’re accessible. Any moron can, and now does, use an iPhone, iPad, etc., because they need no explanation. You just do cool stuff on the shiny thing.

I wish people would close their mouth when they’re gawping in awe though.