An Apple Lover’s Take on an Apple Lover’s Galaxy Nexus Take

It’s not surprising or shocking. Of course the Nexus is flawed. It is still my most desired phone today because I’m not a fan of alternatives.

But this, from John Gruber, is horrendous:

You either see it or you don’t. If you don’t, that’s cool, enjoy your Nexus. But I think the reason Apple Stores are so crowded, and getting so big, is that there are an awful lot of people who do see it.

It’s an argument that the iPhone’s finesse and control is what makes it something that this phone isn’t. That’s fair enough. But those crowds couldn’t care about that. They’re there because of Apple’s track record of that, but also excitement. People are queuing because they are excited. What was the exciting new feature that had people queuing last time? It’s called Siri, and by most accounts it lacked Apple’s polish.

Apple creates excitement through innovation, and they’re damn right to. But they’re bleeding dry excitement from their current products, and after a rather lack-lustre reception from the iPhone 4S (compared to previous frenzied events; obviously it’s nothing any other brand could dream of) the next Apple innovations better be something pretty special, or else this is the end of today’s Apple.

Not to mention the ball-ache that is OS X Lion.

For me, I’m happy with boring rock solid UX. It’s just not enough to attract me to iOS. If Apple continued with a steady but stable release of unexciting products, the world will be better than it is today, and I’d look forward to my next Apple purchase. But there isn’t enough evidence that Apple still have it. Comments like Gruber’s about Apple today are coming out of his arse.

At least MG Siegler was honest, and right.