Linked List Plugin for WordPress

I have been pondering this since drafting my first blog post. “Linked lists” create posts that focus on sources with the source link going through directly from the post title.

Dave Shea is probably the first guy who’s blog mezzoblue I started to religiously follow. Mezzoblue used this format. Shea created the CSS Zen Garden, a website that revolutionised web design where the aim was to use CSS andtable-less web design to change the look and artwork of a web-page. Needless to say, it was a hit and the internet changed for the better, although it’s very apparent it still needs a lot of work.

Linked lists also feature on Apple double-think propaganda self-pleasure and hater John Gruber’s popular Daring Fireball. I hate the guy, and would punch him if I saw him in public, for his disdain and hate of anything not touched by the now semi-deity, the late Steve Jobs. But he’s a damn fine writer, very critical, very concise, very correct and very minimal. Linked lists help him to do this in as few words as possible, getting straight to the point of his often dickish opinion.

I’m using yjsoon’s imaginatively named DF Linked List plugin, as linked to by this post. It does a good job (if you’re reading this). I went to create my own but hit a wall when I realised that WordPress doesn’t let you add dates and archives to custom posts. Open source fails me sometimes.