Steve Jobs

Tonnes of stuff has happened over the last few weeks and months. I've been a bit preoccupied to comment on it all. But today, I feel I can give up five minutes for this guy.

In my head I’ve been drafting an article that comments on how desperate the iPhone 4S keynote was. Eighteen months and that’s all they’ve got? I like Tim Cook a lot, but I thought the performance was awful. It lacked something. At the time it didn’t click, but now it couldn’t be more blunt.

Steve Jobs was a visionary. This morning, the Apple homepage was haunting to take in. He really has done a lot. Most of his products feature at the top of consumer electronics.

I wrote how I felt about him when he resigned. It’s obvious that his time was up. He would’ve continued if he could.

Today I’m honoured to own a MacBook. It’s beautiful to use. It’s paid for it’s self several times already. It’s no where near flawless, but I’m very confident it’s the best option available. Or it would be if the bastard didn’t ship another “better” version less than a year afterwards.

He got a lot of things right. He wasted nothing. He made a lot of sense. I’ll never own an iPhone, an iPod, an iPad or subscribe to iTunes because they’re too expensive and locked-down. They’re not the best option for me. The things Steve got right relate to his attitude to his work and life. His creations are all full of his soul.

I’m not going to quote him because everyone else has done so already, but everything the guy came out with inspired me, even if I didn’t like the end products.

It says powerful things when a man’s hundred-percent is not being dead.