MacBook Air Review

I am a horrible person. I've done something so evil and I feel so sick that I'm finding it hard to type.

Actually I'm not, because I'm doing it on my brand new Apple MacBook Air and it's keyboard is the easiest to type on in all the world. I am the happiest person typing on a laptop right now, with maybe the exception of fat American kids playing Warcraft in their dark basements. Or kids not doing homework sniggering on MSN to other procrastinating kids.

Buying an Apple product is a sin. I've never owned an iPod, I only use iPhone clones and I've always hated Mac OS X. There are hundreds of reasons why that I've never been shy about telling people. But by some miracle I forgot to care.

I needed a computer to build websites. This is my occupation. A guy that builds websites without a computer is like a builder that builds houses without their arms.

The criteria was simple. I needed a portable machine because I share my living space. Not seventeen inch wide 20 kilograms heavy only works near a wall portable, but actually portable. I needed a high resolution screen to do actual work on. I didn't want silly things like DVD/BluRay drives, a gazillion petabytes of HDD space or anything else that really doesn't matter in life. But I did need it not to be shit.

I'm a Linux user. I am so because I was a Windows user. Windows today is resource hungry, slow and sluggish, and works horribly. I wouldn't be satisfied with any of today's Windows laptops because they wouldn't be portable or not shit. They crash all the time, catch viruses, slow down to a halt for no reason and only last 30 seconds without being charged. They use fans that are so powerful the things could levitate.

I would've gone for Linux on a laptop, but over the last few years I've spent more time setting up my environment on a silly steep learning curve than I have actually using the thing. When time is money this isn't acceptable.

So I set about looking into the state of Macs five years since my last horrible and painful experiences with them.

Thankfully Steve Jobs makes this easy. He's a minimalist, and this is good. You get a minimal amount of choice. For laptops, the options were Pro, Standard or Gimmick.

Goldilocks had the same problem with porridge. The Standard was too cold and just wouldn't cut it. The Pro was too hot and overkill, plus it touches on the portability and efficiency points. But the Gimmick model looked just right.

The MacBook Air is a thin underpowered laptop. It's such a blatant marketing gimmick. Apple is all about branding, so it makes sense that they would try to sell this thing. Marketing jargon.

But it is an efficient and portable laptop. The screen space is really good and it's by far the most powerful computer that I've ever owned, portable or desktop. It is minimalistic to a fault. And OS X today is unanimously the only good graphical operating system. Price was never an issue because it's for business.

So now I've got one. And it's beautiful.

Since owning it I think my life has changed. People in the office that I've literally never spoken to before because of my anti-social nature will come up to me and start talking "Apple-speak" at me. It's horrible. I can feel that as my girlfriend stares at it when I use it, she doesn't trust it anymore than a slutty whore.

But I couldn't give a shit. It's a decent piece of kit and it's made me really happy. The hardware is excellent and I can run programs on very modest specs without having a fit. I'm not ageing waiting for things to work anymore.

The evil has overthrown me but I'm still not buying into the brand. I'm not picking up an iPod or iPhone. The MacBook Air is just a tool that I use. So far, it has been amazing. I've done shed loads of web design work on it, and maybe one day I can use it for music recording and performing.

So Steve, I'll give you this one. It's really good. Don't get too smarmy about it though.