About this website

Jack playing an acoustic guitar at an open mic night

I’m Jack. I’m a musician and software developer based in Leicester in the UK. This is a blog about my creative projects.

I am an avid writer but I don’t often post what I write. I love the idea behind Show You Work by Austin Kleon and will strive to present and demonstrate what I do. This website is an attempt at that.

You can see what I’m up to now on my now page. You can find more of me on the internet using my links page.

For my musical projects I use SoundCloud to upload demos. I release music on Bandcamp under the alias Polar Bites.

For my coding project I use GitHub including to host the code for this blog. I sometimes work under the Bespoke Media brand for small businesses and organisations.

I’m active on Instagram and Mastodon. You can also contact me by email.

Jack Gutteridge