‘Flowers’ demo

Posted in Music on 30 June 2024

I needed a track to start off my new album. Called Connections, my second album is a celebration of friendships.

Listen to ‘Flowers’ on SoundCloud.

Flowers as a title refers to my first college band with my close friend. It pictures the first King Brick rehearsal. We lived tired and mundane lives without direction. The dynamic shifted and it added some chaos. We became close over college and discovered drinking and smoking and playing in bands in our awkward teenage years.

We lived these times through the late 2000s (the decade not the millennium). We became obsessed with the usual teenage things, wishing our life was an episode of Skins. In reality we were more Inbetweeners.

The song celebrates this connection and these times. It opens up with a wall of sound and a very slow but melodic pace. It’s a contrast to a lot of my songs which tend to be aggressive and in your face.

In celebrating this connection I also reflect on our values. Smoking and drinking and trying to find a girlfriend are all understandable aims for a teenager. Despite our then shaky morals it shaped who we became and we are better for our reflections.

Jack Gutteridge