Leicester Open Mics app

Posted in Music on 2 May 2024

After a few odd evenings and bank holidays spent coding when I should’ve been doing things others consider “fun” the Leicester Open Mics app is now available for all.

Myself and my friend Neil enjoyed laughing at open mic hosts at the end of a night when they would fumble around trying to figure out when their next event was, despite the often clearly listed schedule. It turns out it’s not easy for a human to say “third Wednesday” and come up with a concrete date.

It turned out that doing this in code was much easier!

The Leicester Open Mics app is really a website, but it can be installed as a Progressive Web App. It lists a curated series of events. I’ve tried to include as many as I can and I’ll keep adding more.

The home view is a schedule of upcoming events. Selecting an event lists the series, address and information about the hosts. You can see what events a specific host is putting on too.

In the end it was 10% coding and 90% asking musicians and hosts when their next event was. There’s probably a percentage that should involve scrambling around trying to get a photo of the hosts, but you get the idea.

The app has received good feedback and I believe it’s well used. There are many more open mics around Leicestershire that aren’t included in this app, but believe me I’m trying my best to get the information to add them!

If you’re reading this and would like to add yours, please get in touch.

Jack Gutteridge