Polar Bites on Instagram

Posted in Music on 9 April 2024

I’ve started recording videos of myself playing the guitar and singing along. I’ve put them up on a new Instagram profile to promote my solo music.

View Polar Bites on Instagram.

Polar Bites is anything that I write by myself. It tends to be the cutting floor for song ideas that are rejected by my friends who I share bands with.

In 2019 I had the idea to write four concept albums. I semi-released the first of these called Grief in 2021. Grief is available on Bandcamp for those with strong ears.

The second album is a few songs away from completion.

I will use this instagram profile to promote all things Polar Bites but while there isn’t much to promote I’ll put up videos of myself covering Biffy Clyro (and hopefully other artists).

I’d love to get this project off the ground with a full band. One can dream…

Jack Gutteridge