‘Roll the Dice’ demo

Posted in Music on 27 October 2023

King Brick was a three-piece band I played in with my best friend and my brother during my time at college. We gigged from 2008 to 2013 around Leicester.

Listen to ‘Roll the Dice’ on SoundCloud.

‘Roll the Dice’ was an opening song to our sets. The problem was it was a screamy punk ordeal and required a lot of energy. Living primarily on McDonald’s and Embassy Number 1 Reds meant we were not the fittest bunch. This meant that our second song (and the rest of the performance) would suffer because we would be desperately trying to catch our breath between words.

The song was inspired by a book Luke had read. I don’t recall the exact details but it was a brilliant motif.

Here I’ve prepared a demo for the upcoming ‘Brick Breaker’ project. It’s a revisiting of all things King Brick across a big old album. We never released much back in the day but we always had plans.

The differences between the original version are mainly in the vocals. I haven’t got a thrash metal screaming voice these days, thanks in part to healthier living and in part to the vocal damage ten years of cigarettes does to one’s voice. The vocal part is spoken as if it was through a megaphone.

In future versions we will ramp up the screaming aspect of it. I recorded this in my old flat where I didn’t want to cause a police incident. We will get around to this when we get to properly recording the vocals.

Jack Gutteridge