Moving house

Posted in Life on 22 July 2023

No one has probably noticed but I’ve been quiet on this blog. I’m in between moving houses. This is always a fun time (sarcasm intended) and one that distracts me from any creative projects or idle time. I’ve still been attending regular open mics and have squeezed enough time in to rehearse a few sets for them. I haven’t been writing new music, which is a shame.

I have managed some idle time playing through the classic Sonic series with a friend. I’m also very close to finishing Sonic Mania, after starting it many years ago. I’ve been reading much less than I wish I did. I get distracted easily, and when I have things to do they sit in my mind until done. With the seemingly never-ending need to move stuff into storage I currently always have something to do.

I have another project brewing in the background. I rehearsed with King Brick a few weeks ago. The idea was to see if it was viable to play a gig at my birthday later in the year. It seems like it’ll work. There is a lot more preparation and practice required, but I’m looking forward to it.

Work has been busy which I like, although at times stressful. I’ve felt great with my output in recent weeks and I’m coming to the end of a six month project. I also need to update my personal VPS and do something about it. It’s on an older version of Ubuntu than I’d like. I need to wipe it and start again, but I need to catalogue what’s on it so I can back it up safely.

I always try to keep a busy social calendar. The open mics are part of this, and I’ve met some great friends attending gigs around the county. I’m very lucky to have a big friendship circle and always have a few evenings in the week spent with friends.

I’m really looking forward to settling down with my girlfriend in a house we can call home. I can’t wait to set my guitars up and get writing and recording again. I can’t wait to relax in the evenings playing what most consider a horrific backlog on Steam, which most games I own untouched. Similar to my Kindle library.

I can’t wait to host friends and family after we move in. I’m no Ainsley Harriott but I’d love to be able to cook well. Maybe one day.

And that’s pretty much it. I hope you are well, whoever is reading this. Drop me a message if you’re reading, or update your space on the internet in return. It’s always nice to see how others are doing too.

Jack Gutteridge