‘Peaceless’ demo

Posted in Music on 6 May 2023

‘Peaceless’ started off with the title ‘Speechless’. The brief was about losing my voice and asking for help, but it turned into another moan. It’s another cry for help in a situation bathed in illness.

Listen to ‘Peaceless’ on SoundCloud.

The song was written with a riff that I found that pretty quickly developed into an instrumental. I searched for breaks and a chorus and they arrived pretty organically. I like the melody a lot.

One issue was its similarity with a new song released by one of my favourite artists - Jamie Lenman’s ‘Words of Love’. The harmony and melody are different, but the harmonic pace is the same, and the instrumentation is virtually identical. In an earlier demo I had a similar transition in the verse which I later took out because it was too much the same despite it sounding really good. This was obviously unintended but it happens a lot when I write music.

It was written for the Connections album but looking back at its brief it doesn’t really fit. It would fit better in the Grief album, but that chapter is supposedly closed. I’ll consider changing its lyrics or putting it into a different album. The song is mostly strong for its instrumentals, so I’m not too hesitant to rewrite the lyrics.

I like the structure and its journey from a post-grunge song into a more classical harmony for its bridge and back to some sort of heavy post-hardcore riff at the end. I’m very happy with this track.

Jack Gutteridge