‘Going Out Tonight’ demo

Posted in Music on 30 March 2023

Now I’m back in the saddle! ‘Going Out Tonight’ is a tribute to our old selves. It’s a story about heading into town with friends in our early twenties, written as a mock King Brick song circa 2008. It’s an imagining the voice and tone of band’s early days.

It starts off with a punky riff, something not alien to listeners of The Offspring. It descends into vocal chaos (much emphasised by my poor singing attempt on the demo) before hitting a chorus that would fit right in with The Arctic Monkeys or We Are Scientists.

Listen to ‘Going Out Tonight’ on SoundCloud.

The song has a simple structure, but a problem came when I realised the intro was very similar to Jamie Lenman’s latest song ‘Words of Love’. I wanted to do what he already did, adding blasts of loudness in a 32-note rhythm. I couldn’t find a way of doing this without completely ripping him off, so I opted for a gradual crescendo into the chorus.

I’m happy with the result. It’s going to be a difficult one to record vocals for, but that’s part of the charm. The indie-landfill scene often throws singing quality under a bus, and the complicated descending arpeggios were never going to be easy to sing for anyone.

‘Going Out Tonight’ is going to be a part of my latest album. It’s a track that breaks up the feeling of longing that most of the record will have, making for a nice refrain before I finish the album with a bit more of an angrier angle.

Jack Gutteridge