I’ve started a new blog

Posted in Life on 15 March 2023

Welcome to my new blog. I’m Jack, a musician and software engineer. I live in Leicester in the UK.

I’ve started a blog to write about my creative projects. My current project is Polar Bites – a collection of alternative rock songs I’ve written and recorded. I released my first album in 2021. Grief is available on Bandcamp. I’m working on my second album and hoping to release it in the coming months.

I demo my music and upload it so I can play it back to myself. My demos can be found on SoundCloud. SoundCloud also hosts my older recordings and old band rehearsals. I consider it a general idea-pad for whatever I’m recording at the time. I add and remove stuff on a whim. Generally when I release music I remove the demos as SoundCloud has limited upload storage.

I’m involved in other projects and I’m always open to starting new ones. Most of what I create doesn’t end up finished, but that’s fine. It’s another reason I want to chronicle what I’m doing, so that I have a body of work to look back on, no matter how incomplete and fragmented.

Other things I’ve done in the past include bands, game development, programming, and a bit of digital painting. I once had a good go at writing a novel.

You can find me at open mic nights around Leicester. When I’m idling I’ll be playing Doom or listening to Biffy Clyro.

Thanks for reading!

Jack Gutteridge